Links: 08/29/14

Crowd-Sourced Links: 08/22/14

My in-laws are in town, so I don’t have time to do family things and compile a full-length links post.  Feel free to drop interesting links in the comments–in the mean time, here are a scant handful (and a pretty picture):

Wee adorable embroidered bunny by Chloe Giordano. Lovely work.

embroidered bunny  by chloe giordano

embroidered bunny by chloe giordano

I like the idea of having an open post once a month for all of you to contribute links–what do you all think?

Faith in Humanity: Restored (For Now) or, The 2014 Hugo Award Winners

Look at this list of awesome Hugo Award winners!

Oh, my heart. Fandom.

And yes: there are a few parts of the nominating and voting results that warm the very cockles of my heart. Like “No Award” coming in fifth place for Best Novelette.  Delightful.

My main entertainment today, apart from watching the Hugo livestream has been watching my new bird feeder in the back yard. We have goldfinches and house finches and cardinals! So far!

Links: 08/15/14

This is the second links post for the week–there was one yesterday which was devoted to Michael Brown and Ferguson, MO.

Ferguson Links: 08/14/14

It seemed important that these links get their own post.  I’ve been reading a lot.  The #Ferguson and #NMOS14 tags on Twitter are also a good resource, but I have noticed some trolling of both so be careful and disengage if you have to.  There’s also a #NMOS14 page on Facebook. List of all #NMOS14 vigils.